Thursday, March 26, 2009


I guess I should explain what happened to my legs. I have stress fractures in both ankles. I'm not completely sure how it happened, but I think it was from running. It happened the first week in February. I had been running for a few days and noticed I was a little sore around my ankles, but thought it was due to the new sneakers I was wearing and it would go away when I got used to them. I kept running even though the pain got worse. The next morning I almost fell down when my feet hit the floor out of bed. It was really sore, but I still thought nothing of it. I thought it was tendonitis and just tried to rest them. They eventually started swelling and were throbbing even when propped up. Fast forward to two weeks later when I could barely walk. Thankfully, Matt finally made me go to the orthopedist, and an after-hours visit, x-rays, bloodwork, and an MRI later, we discovered I have stress fractures in both legs. He said between pregnancy, nursing, and not eating dairy for 6 months (made Aydan's colic worse), I am in temporary osteoporosis. Who knew?!

I am staying off my feet as much as you can when you teach and have a baby at home. Hopefully they'll heal soon! I have started incorporating dairy back into my diet and taking more calcium. It's not a cool story, but there it is. I told my students I was trying a new snowboarding trick...and they believed me! Hehe!

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