Friday, April 3, 2009

Movin' and shakin'

We are officially crawling! It all "c licked" yesterday. It was so funny how one day she was still trying to get the hang of it and the next day she was crawling like a pro! She also pulled herself up to standing all by herself (see above pic) and said "da da." It was a big day!

Here is Aydan in her model pose...she does this all the time and it's hilarious!

I have spring break next week, so I am so excited about spending all day with Aydan each day! We are going to go visit Dad at work and who knows what other exciting adventures we'll find!

The playroom, which has officially been named the "Kid Cave" is coming along. Matt, Taylor and I worked last weekend and almost finished the built-ins. I'm sure Matt and I will work more this weekend. It is coming along nicely and will be a great room for Aydan and her friends and future siblings! We just love home projects! We'll post more pictures soon!

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