Monday, March 23, 2009

7 Month's Old

Not much to report other than Aydan reaching the 7 month mark yesterday. She is now saying bah-bah-bah all day long and continues to learn how to wave. She is also very close to crawling and while we are all excited for her to get out when she does. As soon as she can crawl, she will be a non stop terror (in a good way of course).

In addition, we have started another project at the Vaughn house. My former man-cave (I have a newer and bigger one now) is getting turned into Aydan's (and any future baby Vaughn's) playroom. We are planning on tearing up the carpet and putting down some new floors, building some built-ins with a toy box, shelves and cabinets. We are also going to paint and make one wall a huge chalkboard. I will take some before pictures and post the progress as we move along.

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  1. Lindsay,
    I love your blog. I will be checking in on it and you often. I really liked your post on thankfulness. How are your legs? You all are a precious family. We love you so much.