Monday, August 31, 2009

Wild Dunes '09

I know this is very late, but just haven't had time to get all these pictures organized since school started!

We spent the first week of August on a fabulous vacation with my family at one of my absolute most favorite places in the world...Wild Dunes (Isle of Palms). Nuni, Papa, Taylor, Britney, Aydan and I were there all week. Mamo and Babs were there part of the week, Matt came down Tuesday after work, and Russ, Barb, and Ashley were there Friday through Sunday. The house was gorgeous and was big enough for us to all fit comfortably! Look at how great this house is...

One of my favorite parts was waking up bright and early with Aydan and jogging around the resort every morning before everyone else got up. (I remember doing the same thing last year when I was 8 months pregnant and thinking about how I couldn't wait until this summer when I would be pushing my baby girl in the jogging stroller all around the resort, so it was really cool to think back and remember how excited I was and to know that it was as fun as I thought it would be.)

Aydan totally loved the beach! She was walking much better than when we were in Florida earlier in the summer, which made it easier. She also wasn't as intent on eating the sand, which definitely reduced my stress level. She loved picking up shells and walking around the beach. As before, she had no fear of the ocean and would charge toward it.

We relaxed a lot, cooked dinners, played on the beach, went out to dinner, read books...all the fun, relaxing beachy things. The guys even played a couple rounds of golf on the Links course. It was a wonderful, relaxing vacation! I can't wait to do it again next year!

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